Thank you for completing the “due diligence” of Thermshield’s recent acquisition.

The truth is, we called a friend (Jeff Buzzerio) for advice on how to handle a situation where the seller refuses access to the buyers to accomplish the due diligence required to complete the transaction. Your immediate answer was the solution. You and your team were willing and able to complete the due diligence quickly and efficiently.

You prepared a well thought out plan of attack and sent an exhaustive list of what would be reviewed. You acted quickly, within a week’s time, and met the seller on a Saturday. You treated the seller with respect yet showed your knowledge of the task at hand. You reported your findings to Thermshield quickly and effectively, first with a phone call on that Saturday afternoon and then with a detailed written report early the following week.

I know you guys have bigger clients than Thermshield, but you handled us efficiently and professionally. In fact, without your having done the due diligence, this deal might very well have fallen apart. Thank you very much for helping us to hold it together!

Best wishes for continued success!

Thomas J. Garrity

As an entrepreneur, I have had the need to hire a number of consultants over the years. My latest venture was in a tailspin and out of control from a financial stability point of view. I was in negotiations of a new term sheet from the incumbent lender and was speaking with others as well. I brought Strategic Alliances in and they were able to stabilize the situation in a matter of days and provide instant credibility to the banks we were in negotiations with. I would highly recommend this firm and their services.

Regis Magnus
Resin Distribution Inc.

I am writing to express my gratitude for the efforts of the consulting team in assisting my company, Eastman Associates. We have made tremendous strides in enhancing our Leadership Skills, developing our Human Resources Management Program and improving our Operational Structure and Accountability. The efforts of your team of Executive Consultants were exceptional and extremely effective. Their work has made a significant and lasting improvement in how we run our business.

Rick Eastman
Eastman Associates