Recent Engagements
$75MM Plastics Distribution Company
Interim CFO, Crisis Consultant
Client was in default of reporting to ABL Lender and needed to complete annual audit. We came in and provided relief in producing final reports needed for audit, lended credibility to the firm and established a positive working relationship with their bank. We acted as CFO and assisted in conducting a search for a permanent replacement. SAL also assisted in identifying a new ABL lending institution and helped client secure a $20MM credit line. SAL continues to work with client on an on-going basis for special assignments and annual review. As a specific example, we recently conducted a review of all freight costs and were able to quantify an annual savings in excess of $300K or 20% of freight costs.
$10MM Electronics Specialty Product Distributor
M&A Consultant, Growth Advisor
Company is positioned in a $5Billion Industry. Goal is to increase market share through sales efforts and M&A. We identified growth plan through direct sales and distribution in same component markets and ancillary componentry. Revenue growth through this methodology has increased 50%. Identification of potential Acquisition and due diligence has impacted revenue growth another 33%
$65MM Trade Show Booth Manufacturer
Turnaround Consultant, CRO, Interim CEO
Client was in default of ABL loan in amount of $6.5MM and Ownership group had unfunded fiduciary liability in excess of $1MM. We came in and acted as CEO/CRO. Bank was in forebearance, we were able to convince bank to allow forbearance for an additional ninety days to assess. Determined best cause of action was to liquidate. Company had five locations and approx. 250 employees. We were able to sell two divisions and keep approx. 150 jobs. We also were able to sell remaining assets and perfect receiveables in order to cover all of ownerships’ fiduciary liabiities and bring the bank whole.
$40MM Machine Tool Manufacturer
Interim CFO, Turnaround Consultant
Publically Traded Italian Laser tool manufacturer through new offices and acquisition had three entities in the US. Was losing over $4MM annually in US Operations. Along with Interim President, we came in as Interim CFO and executed cost reductions, sales strategies, manufacturing efficiencies, & economies of scale that reduced overhead by >35%. Were able to achieve break-even status within one year and firm has continued to increase growth and profitability.
$20MM Bicycle Manufacturer
Interim CEO European Operations, Turnaround Consultant
European Operations of this Manufacturer was losing in excess of $5MM/year. The company had not hit target budgeted Sales or Gross Margin in over 4 years. We stepped in and took immediate control. Cut overall operating costs by 25%; increased sales by 30%; & increased gross margin by 15%. Company lost less than $1MM year immediate after our intervention and was break even through mid-year following year.
$20MM Capital Equipment Manufacturer
Interim CFO, Turnaround Consultant
Upon acquisition of controlling interest by private equity fund, we were brought in to manage cash and negotiate payment plans with vendors for payables prior to acquisition. Sucessfully completed the pay back of over $4MM in outstanding debt during the engagement. Successfully negotiated a new business line of credit (ABL Based) for $1.5MM. We also established a costing system that allowed for detailed multi-faceted reviews.